Young leaders investing £4000 in key issues across the county


Funds for Fermanagh is a grant developed by a group of young leaders in Fermanagh, working for Fermanagh.

Simon Kidney, a spokesperson for the group said, “All of us are determined to give funding to groups who need it. We believe this is the best way to make a positive lasting change in our community”.

To achieve this, they will be awarding grants worth up to £4000 from Fermanagh trust to groups with goals that are compatible with theirs.


Fermanagh Youth Leadership Forum, back L-R Angel Huang, Erin Evans, Shay McGovern, Raine Allen. Front L-R Chloe Hamilton, Simon Kidney


With over 20 years of experience in managing various funds, the Fermanagh Trust is now handing over the reins to young people in order to develop leadership, build capacity among the young grant-makers and create opportunities for local groups to receive funding and engage in community action.

Simon Kidney from Funds for Fermanagh added, “Homelessness and poverty are far more common in Fermanagh than many realise, both have a huge impact on young people’s wellbeing”.

Angel Huang commented, “We have been meeting since November to research and present ideas, negotiate key priorities, develop our marketing strategy, we’ve also been working as part of a team to develop our leadership skills and confidence. We hope that our grant will help alleviate issues tied to young-peoples well-being”.

Chloe Hamilton quoted, “our youth-led initiative sees young people, addressing issues that matter to the younger generation”.

Sonya Johnston, Fermanagh Trust Programme Manager says, “It’s been a real privilege to work with such a determined and passionate group of young people who wish to make a meaningful difference. They have worked as a Team to develop a Fund that I have no doubt will make a difference at a local level in Fermanagh. We hope these young people can use the knowledge and skills they have developed through their participation in the programme to be our next generation of Community Leaders. Who better to funds to address the needs for young people, than young people themselves?”

Registered groups located in Fermanagh trying to tackle young people’s personal well-being, homelessness and/or poverty can apply by Monday the 14th of March at noon, provided further criteria are met.

Any group interested in applying can contact for further details. Or click links below to application form and guidelines.

Application Form: CLICK HERE

Guidelines: CLICK HERE



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