Benefits Of Giving



Many people choose to leave a portion of their estate to help others in their community.
When Individuals, families or companies choose to support the Fermanagh Trust, donors access local knowledge, informed and effective grant-making and an efficient mechanism for distributing funds to support the local needs of our community.
Benefits of Giving through the Trust
Meeting Needs: In Fermanagh, a great deal of vital work in the community is undertaken by smaller and relatively unknown groups who are all doing excellent work in their own field. It can therefore be difficult to find out about all local charities and voluntary groups working within Fermanagh. The Trust's local knowledge and expertise can help to identify suitable recipients and reach those who might not otherwise find or access the funds they so desperately need.
Local Focus: The Fermanagh Trust is managed by local people and makes grants to local good causes. Donors know that their money will go towards supporting charities and voluntary groups whose work will benefit local people.  
Flexibility: For those wishing to make a more substantial donation, the Fermanagh Trust is able to accommodate the wishes of each donor to reflect their particular interest, such as supporting older people, disabled people, children and so forth or perhaps a donor is keen to benefit people living within a specific area of Fermanagh. The Fermanagh Trust is always happy to discuss any other fields of interest with the donor. 
Convenience: For people wanting to support their local community, it can sometimes be difficult to know which organisation to support, especially as many groups still remain relatively unknown. The Fermanagh Trust has the people and framework in place and undertakes all the day-to-day work involved in administering a grant-making programme, from handling enquiries and researching projects to making decisions, as well as fulfilling all the accounting and reporting requirements. 
Expertise: The Fermanagh Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees and supported by Advisers, all from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of skills and experience, and an extensive knowledge of the local community and its needs. It has established grant-making policies and procedures, ensuring each application is dealt with efficiently and assessed carefully. Moreover, the Fermanagh Trust also has access to professional advice, for example, in managing its growing investments. 
Permanence: The Fermanagh Trust is here to stay. By building a permanent fund - in other words, having a pot of money saved and invested, will ensure that even in the hard times the Fermanagh Trust will be able to continue to make grants and offer much needed support to the voluntary sector. The Fermanagh Trust is not only helping to tackle today's needs, but is also developing the means to address the needs of future generations. Anyone considering leaving a legacy to benefit the local community can be assured that the Fermanagh Trust will continue to ensure that their charitable wishes are honoured in perpetuity.



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