Teiges Mountain Wind Farm Community Fund


Is your community project located within 5km of Teiges Mountain Wind Farm? If yes your group may be eligible to apply for a grant from the Teiges Mountain Wind Farm Fund.



For further information CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GUIDELINES (please read the guidelines carefully prior to preparing and submitting an application)


1.  REVENUE SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME application form - offering grants up to £2000 towards: community activities, venue improvements / minor capital works, recurring costs for a programme.

2.  STRATEGIC PROJECTS REVENUE GRANTS application form - (up to a maximum of £5000 pa over 1-3 year period) working with a range of organisations across the Area of Benefit, which will make a significant contribution to community life. We would particularly welcome strategic applications which will make a significant contribution to these themes; - reduction in crime / anti-social behaviour, community first aid, defibrillator initiative, hosting of cross-community events, improve access to services via a community volunteer driver scheme, environmental improvements, increasing access to the natural environment, renewable energy, improving mental health.

3.  STRATEGIC CAPITAL LEGACY PROJECTS application form - providing grant aid up to £20,000 per annum, over a five year period or equivalent amount over a longer period, which will make a significant contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of the local community. This initial outline application requesting support towards a strategic capital project will be considered. If successful in passing this first stage of the application process - the project promoter will then be invited to go to the second stage of the process. To be considered for this funding, on submission of the full application the project promoter must have the necessary statutory permissions in place.


Nb - an organisation can only hold one grant award from the Fund at any one time. Partnership applications which include an organisation in receipt of another grant at the time will be considered.


Closing date for applications is 12 noon Friday 12th November 2021

For further information:
Tel: 028 66320210 or email: gemma@fermanaghtrust.org






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