Rural Centre for Shared Education


The Rural Centre for Shared Education is a Fermanagh Trust initiative. The Trust has been involved in shared education since 2008, when it undertook extensive research into the potential for a pilot project on shared education in Fermanagh. The research led to a funded project, the ‘Fermanagh Shared Education Programme’, which was awarded in excess of £2m over 5 years, from Atlantic Philanthropies and the International Fund for Ireland. It was successful in getting 58 primary and post-primary schools in the County, involved in shared education, with almost 5,000 pupils per annum participating in shared classes.

Building on their work the Fermanagh Trust launched the Rural Centre for Shared Education in June 2015. Trustees remain committed to developing linkages between schools; working to identify and develop local solutions to meet local needs; and contribute to more cohesive and sustainable communities.


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