Open for applications - £4000 to be given to charities from Fermanagh Young Leaders


The Fermanagh Youth Leaders Forum is proud to announce its new £4,000 grant 'Fermanaware'. The young leaders are united by their passion for enacting positive change in the local area, along with the desire to advocate for specific issues important to them.

Danny McNulty, a member of the group says “I joined the forum because I wanted to make a change. Obviously, there are a lot of issues around Fermanagh that aren’t brought up as much as they should be, and I wished to shed light on this.” Over the past 4 months they have been preparing the grant, working and debating about how it will function as well as which causes shall be supported. Their aim is to raise awareness for, and give funding to, charities carrying out projects are their key priorities - homelessness and water safety.


(left to right) Fermanagh young leaders: Mark Wallace, Rowan Blake, Ronan Houston

The Fermanagh Trust have been mentoring the apprentices and sharing with them a wide variety of skills and experience. The youth-led initiative sees young people becoming grant makers, having an active involvement in every step of the process. With £4000 from the Fermanagh Trust to give away, the young grant makers have formed the ‘Fermanaware’ fund.

Any organisations dedicated to housing and homelessness, or water safety and cleanliness are eligible to receive funding.
Any charitable organisations applying must operate in Fermanagh, have a clear idea of how to use the grant, and ensure that the grant will benefit the Fermanagh community. Applications close on the 26th of February

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Danny McNulty, a young leader, at Rossory Grove


“Lough Erne is the lifeblood of Fermanagh, and naturally, many people use it – both locals and tourists. Of course, this comes with an element of risk and so a variety of services are needed to ensure that lifebuoys are stocked, emergency response times are low, and people are well educated on water safety; factors that can mean the difference between life and death. Pollution is another issue in the lough, and already it is killing our fish, and is also causing the spread of blue–green algae, which is harmful to wildlife.” - Young Leader Rowan Blake

“The housing crisis is a very real issue here, and it is vital to ensure that everyone is given the support necessary to live in a home that is warm, private and secure. There are already scarce resources for those presenting as homeless, and many must leave for shelters in Belfast, removing them from any community they may have. We should give more support to the services we already have here to prevent this.” – Young Leader Mark Wallace


Fermanagh Young Leaders Forum (L-R) Tamzin Hall, Kyle Cadden, Mark Wallace, Danny McNulty, Evie McGarry, Ronan Houston, Ewan Megahey, Mateusz Walas, Musfira Tariq, Kristian Cawley, Lorcan Connor and Rowan Blake.



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