Fisher Foundation at forefront of rally safety supporting medical and rescue crew training


The Fisher Foundation which plays a leadership role in rally safety, has recently made a significant contribution towards costs for Motorsport Ireland’s national training weekend for rescue vehicles at Mondello Park, County Kildare.

The training took place over two full days and was attended by 70 participants ranging from first responder rescue crews to paramedics and doctors. Included in the programme were lectures and practical demonstrations with opportunities for all to experience potential scenarios that may be faced by those attending a motor sport incident.

Alex Sinclair, Chief Executive of Motorsport Ireland said “It goes without saying that we hope there is no need for any of these skills to be exercised in a real life situation, but at least we know, and more importantly our competitors know, that the best possible resources are available to deal with any incident should it occur. We really appreciate the support of the Fisher Foundation and we are immensely proud to be associated with the Fisher family name”.

The Fisher Foundation, administered by the Fermanagh Trust, was set up in 2003 by Fisher Engineering as a permanent memorial to the firm’s director, leading Northern Ireland rally driver Bertie Fisher and his children Mark and Emma, who were killed in a helicopter crash in 2001. Safety in rallying was always of paramount importance to the three times Ulster Rally winner and during the 1980s he became increasingly aware of the need for improvement in safety standards at Irish rallies. To highlight the urgency in addressing the problem, Bertie, already one of the top Irish drivers withdrew from competitive rallying in 1986 to enable him to assist event organisers in the promotion and implementation of improved safety standards.

Ivan Fisher, who represented the Foundation at the event said “At the heart of the Fisher Foundation is the continued support of motor safety initiatives in recognition of Bertie’s long established interest in this particular aspect of rallying. This training weekend truly demonstrated the dedication and professionalism of all involved. It’s great to see such important work being carried out and well done to all those organisations who took part.”

Each year the Fisher Foundation supports a range of initiatives, each promoting the continued development of safety in motor sport. The Foundation seeks applications from Motor Clubs or other relevant organisations associated with rallying who want to improve safety standards. This may include the cost of relevant training for voluntary officials and marshals and support in the purchase of appropriate safety equipment.

For more information on the Foundation or to download an application form click here



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