Fermanagh Trust helps Adult ADHD NI advance their projects


Adult ADHD NI, based in Fermanagh, which has been set up to support adults with ADHD, has been given a funding boost by the Fermanagh Trust. Their purpose is to create awareness of ADHD in adulthood and to advance the education of professionals and the public at a local and potentially a national level.  This will help to ensure that all adults with ADHD regardless of age, health, ethnicity, socio-economic status or religion have fair and equal access to health, social, employment and other services to promote and support research in the field of adult ADHD.

Currently Adult ADHD NI have a support group once a month, provide peer support to individuals within the Fermanagh area and provide information sessions to schools, colleges and local organisations and groups.

The organisation now has plans to develop a sub group called, ‘Activities and Day trips for a Hidden Disorder’. This involves three recreational eight week courses over a year, to reduce and relieve symptoms. There will be three outreach day trips, over a year to help reduce social isolation, enhance inclusion within society, reduce social phobia and develop social skills. They also hope to set up a cinema club which will enhance concentration, peer support, integration and reduce anxiety.

Emma Weaver from Adult ADHD NI said “We’re very grateful for the Fermanagh Trust for their help towards funding this project. The non judgemental calming atmosphere will reduce stress and anxiety and encourage participation in community activities. Peer support will occur organically building relationships and confidence within social situations which is often a huge struggle for those with ADHD. Family members will benefit as they will have respite from the ADHD person and also be receiving insight and support from us at Adult ADHD NI”.

Adult ADHD NI also hope to develop an eight week programme called the ADDventure. This is a self esteem programme directed at young people between the ages of sixteen and thirty who are affected by ADHD. It is a comprehensive programme aimed to develop skills, create an awareness of individual’s conditions and the effects it can have on their daily lives. It will also help reduce stress and give support and advice on dealing with feelings of frustration that can be part of the condition.

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust said “This is an extremely dedicated group with many qualities and experience in the field. It is also a group that truly involves the community, as they always use community venues, employ local tutors and create awareness within the community of the group. Adult ADHD NI have recognised that there is a real lack of services for ADHD adults here which is why we were keen to help them further their programmes.”



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