Free workshops for community groups from the Jack McKinney Fund


Six free workshops for community groups are being held this February and March at Fermanagh House, supported by the family of the late Jack McKinney.

Jack who sadly passed away in April 2016 was a former Chairman of the Fermanagh Housing Community Network and also had leading roles in the Kilmacormick II Community Association and the Devenish Partnership Forum.


The family have since established a fund with the Fermanagh Trust to support cross community initiatives in Enniskillen such as this training programme that will in a practical way help groups develop and build on Jack’s work.

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust commented “One of our key aims as an organisation is to support volunteers who make a critical contribution to the work of Community and Voluntary Organisations. We are particularly interested in building the capacity and skills in community development practice.

We are honoured this training programme has been supported by Jack McKinney’s family. Jack dedicated himself to making a positive contribution; developing and supporting opportunities for people of all ages in this community. His leadership in Kilmacormick II and the Devenish Partnership Forum, as well as working on housing related issues across Northern Ireland over many years, was hugely important. This training programme will help inform and skill up many of the volunteers who make such a positive contribution to life in Enniskillen and help build on Jack’s wonderful legacy.”

Jack’s son Nigel McKinney added “"When Jack was made redundant from his job in the late 80s it was a huge shock, work and family had been his life, being engaged in community work in Kilmacormick and the Devenish Partnership Forum brought meaning and connection with other people back into his life and allowed him  to make a difference. We used to tease that he was busier in his voluntary work than he had been in a paid job and the truth in that is that volunteers get a lot out of what they do as well as giving a lot back to communities and other people. The work of community groups in Enniskillen is a hugely important part of the life of the town and we are delighted that through the generosity of friends and family that Fermanagh Trust can put on this series of training and support sessions. Jack would have been pleased."

Starting Wednesday 13th February workshops will be held on successful fundraising; engaging volunteers; how to get your message across including social media; managing finances and financial records; maximising income through gift aid; effective cost management; challenges and opportunities for community groups including collaboration and support.


Successful Fund Raising
This workshop will help your group to identify the benefits of fundraising. It will give examples of fundraising methods and examples of practical techniques that your group can use. It will also help to build confidence in completing funding applications and approaching funders.  
Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House

Getting your message across 
This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to learn about a range of techniques to communicate your groups activities amongst your target community including learning how Social Media can benefit you and your organisation. The workshop will explore a number of media approaches and outlets, providing insights and useful tips.  
Date: Wednesday 20th February 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House


Maximising your Charities Income – Gift Aid 
This clear and practical course will give you all the information and materials your charity needs to boost your fundraising by 25%. 
Date: Thursday 28th February 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House

Volunteers and Engaging ‘new’ people including Young People
Learn effective techniques for involving community volunteers as part of your groups work. Get tips on good practice including how to engage young people and polish up on existing policies and procedures.
Date: Wednesday 6th March 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House

Keeping the Costs down—Getting greater value for Money
Effective Cost Management is critical to the success of any organisation. It is particularly important for community and voluntary organisations because there is an ever increasing need to be sustainable. This workshop will give guidance on cost management for community organisations in particular.
Date: Wednesday 13th March 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House

Challenges and Opportunities for Community and Voluntary Groups in Enniskillen
This workshop will provide representatives from community organisations across
Enniskillen to come together and explore the challenges they are facing now and in the future. Building on this there will be an opportunity to discuss practical opportunities for future collaboration and support.  
Date: Wednesday 20th March 2019
Time – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Fermanagh House

All workshops are free, but places are limited. To reserve a place on any of the training workshops please contact;

Hazel at the Fermanagh Trust
Tel: 028 66 320 210



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