Fisher Foundation encouraging applications from those planning voluntary work overseas


The Fisher Foundation which has for the last 10 years provided much needed financial resources to support volunteers from Fermanagh who give their time to assist so many projects across the world is open for applications.

Ernie Fisher, the Chairman of the Fisher Foundation said “It is great the Foundation is in a position to support such valuable and excellent work. In previous years we have supported a wide range of projects involving a number of people from Fermanagh, all making a major contribution. Now of course we want to encourage even more applicants who will no doubt act as powerful ambassadors for Fermanagh right across the world addressing serious challenges and carrying out vital work”.

Last year 16 awards totalling £15,000 were presented to local individuals/organisations carrying out voluntary work overseas. The grants helped fund a range of development programmes in countries including Romania, Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Brazil, South Africa and India.

Administered by the Fermanagh Trust, over £300,000 of funding has been awarded by the Fisher Foundation since it was established in 2003. As well as voluntary overseas work, the Foundation also supports the development of Motor Sport safety initiatives.

If you are volunteering this year to help those less fortunate, hoping to make a contribution to people’s lives CLICK HERE for information on how to apply. Closing date for applications is 28th February.



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