Fermanagh Youth Bank open again for business



Fermanagh’s own Youth Bank programme has successfully prioritised its’ options for this year’s grant investment in youth-related activities. They are appealing to anyone, between the ages of 11 and 25, to apply for the Youth Bank grant who thinks that they have a good idea that requires funding. To download an application form CLICK HERE

This year’s Youth Bank has spent time investigating where funding needs to be focused and they have agreed amongst themselves on the most important issues. When asked why these topics where chosen, Youth Bank member, Tully Irvine replied, “We all took time to see where the grants would make the most difference, so we debated which areas were in most need and prioritised them over the others. We are all hopeful that young people will come forward with the application forms for receiving the grant, and that their ideas will help improve services and other facilities for young people in Fermanagh.”

Youth Bank is a group activity programme for young people who want to get involved in their community, as well as having some fun whilst doing it. Last year, Youth Bank invested thousands of pounds within communities located in Fermanagh. This year, priority is being given to “Suicide Awareness” as the members of Youth felt strongly about this issue in Fermanagh. “Mental Health Awareness” and “Safe and Relaxing Spaces for Young People” have also received recognition from the Youth Bank as areas which need improvement.



The purpose behind having young people apply for the grant is to help them become more engaged within their local and outreaching communities, aiding the youth to be proactive and make a difference within their area. Youth Bank member, Nigel Wiltshire said, “Without the likes of this programme that we’re involved in, activities and services for young people may not receive grants or other sources of funding from anywhere else. Most members in the group have gotten involved because they had already seen problems in their communities that were not being addressed.”

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust which administers Youth Bank and together with Volunteer Now facilitates the group added “Each member has made a good effort to make everything work. Youth Bank needs good members who can spare a bit of time to drive change for the benefit of young people in their communities. As young people, they know what really is needed in the community. Hopefully they see some worthy applications coming in.”

To download an application form CLICK HERE or contact hazel@fermanaghtrust.org. Grants of up to £1000 are available. Closing date for applications is Friday 7th April 2017.



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