Fermanagh Young Leaders award their funding to local projects


At their celebration event in Fermanagh House, the Fermanagh Young Leaders Forum, a grant making committee run by young people for young people, awarded grants totalling £4000 to three local projects.


Fermanagh Young Leadership Forum L-R Raine Allen, Simon Kidney, Erin Evans, Chloe Hamilton, Angel Huang and Shay McGovern 


Fermanagh Young Leaders Forum was established by the Fermanagh Trust, supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, to allocate resources to youth-based initiatives, tackling issues of direct importance to young people. This group took complete ownership of the programme, leading their own research, planning, promotion and decision making.

The team have been meeting since November made up of a number of local schools and facilitated by Fermanagh Trust sharing their skills knowledge of the process of grant making. Together they created ‘Funds for Fermanagh’ with the sole aims of alleviating poverty, homelessness, and improving young people’s wellbeing in Fermanagh.


Irvinestown’s 6th Fermanagh Scout group has been awarded £1750 to support their summer programme of improving physical and mental wellbeing through providing a series of water-based activities including canoeing and kayaking.


Include Youth has been awarded £1500 to support their 10 week physical and mental health programme for young people. Promoting healthy living and physical well-being through exercise and improving wellbeing through building confidence and having fun.


First Housing has been awarded £750 to address the impact of poverty on people experiencing homelessness or tenancy difficulties. By providing small grants to help with electricity, food, oil etc help people feel they haven’t been forgotten and help them get through a challenging time with a hope they will develop improved, trusting relationship with a helping organisation who can assist with debt management plans and benefit difficulties.


Katrina Peters 6th Fermanagh Scouts, Chloe Hamilton and Simon Kidney


Erin Evans, Cathy McCaffrey First Housing and Angel Huang


Emma Knight, Ronan Boyle and Lindsay Funston from Include Youth receive their grant award from Shay McGovern and Raine Allen


Simon Kidney, a member of the young leaders Forum stated, “The past 6 months I have learned a lot that has helped me personally, but I am delighted that my efforts will also help others in the wider community”. Chloe Hamilton said, “I have been delighted to be part of a group that will have such a big effect on individuals as well as improving my research skills”. Shay McGovern explained, “Through this program I have vastly increased my network but also have furthered my communication skills, leadership skills and helped my community during the process”.


Sonya Johnston from Fermanagh Trust added “There were a large number of applications from a variety of organisations from across the county. After a thorough process and much deliberation by the young people, we are delighted to award grants to three projects who they believe will make the most meaningful difference to the lives of young people under their chosen priorities.  Ultimately, our process is about listening to young people who are passionate about making a difference and providing them with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to develop their thoughts and ideas into reality. It’s our belief that these young people will be our future leaders, it is important that we support them to fulfil their potential and help them contribute to improving the lives of others. Young people are experts in their own lives, they know the challenges facing themselves and their peers that’s why Fermanagh Trust are keen to engage with them and learn from them about their priorities and their vision for the future. Rather than simply give the money out ourselves - Listen to the young people, because they know what their key needs and priorities are.” 


Fermanagh Young Leaders Forum will open for application again later in the year.



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