Fermanagh Trust and the BBC present


Fermanagh on Screen – BBC Community Archive

3rd and 4th October

Fermanagh House, 1pm-2pm. All welcome


BBC NI’s archives contain a treasure trove of recording about every aspect of community life in Fermanagh over the last 90 years.

This free event as part of the Fermanagh Live Festival, will be screening a short series of BBC commissioned films about County Fermanagh, each of which will be introduced by a guest speaker.

Friday 3 October, 1pm, Fermanagh House
Country Times: Fermanagh

Country Times: Fermanagh was part of a magazine-style series on BBC Northern Ireland television. This programme, which was presented by Donna Traynor, includes feature reports on: the history and refurbishment of Florence Court; Cladagh Glen, one of the oldest forests in Fermanagh; and the Marble Arch Caves. It also includes an interview with Belleek postman, Martin McGovern, about his views and role as "King of the Culchies". All of this makes for a quirky, eclectic and enjoyable mix.

There's much that educates and informs alongside the more light-hearted elements. And Kim Lenagahan's dance routine with Martin McGovern is a memorable television moment...

A relaxed and engaging programme and an interesting glimpse of local people and places from almost 15 years ago. It lasts approximately 30 minutes and will be introduced by a guest speaker.

Saturday 4 October, 1pm, Fermanagh House
Places Apart: Tempo

Places Apart: Temps was a gentle, revealing and affectionate portrait of the town and its people. It features many different aspects of community and cultural life and makes effective use of interviews and performances. Music, dance and poetry combine to give a real sense of Tempo's history and cultural diversity. And the talents of local people are showcased to great effect.

This programme describes Tempo's past and its plans for the future. All of those taking part have a strong affinity with the town, and presenter Anne Gregg clearly enjoyed her time making the programme - she talks about it as a place with "rhythm and rhymes".

Nicely filmed, full of local insight and colour and a treat for anyone with an interest in folk traditions and history.
This programme was made by Straight Forward Productions for BBC Northern Ireland television. It was first broadcast in 1994 and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust said “We are delighted to be involved with ‘Fermanagh on Screen’. Now in its third year, there are a range of great films about the community which I’m sure the audiences will enjoy. The role of art and culture is important in making places distinctive and engendering pride in the local community”.

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