Fermanagh Trust and Bryson Energy event presents opportunities for our community owned buildings


The Fermanagh Trust and Bryson Energy held a positive Energy Event at Fermanagh House, which offered up to date information on ways to address energy outgoings and options available to save on energy costs for community owned buildings.
The large turnout for the event and the level of engagement showed the interest that there is in finding energy solutions.  Communities are clearly reflecting upon their relationship with energy. 

At the event, communities were keen to find ways of overcoming the ever rising costs of energy.  Oil buying clubs and renewable energies were identified as just some of the ways to address these concerns. The organisations present also received guidance on the issue of VAT and ensuring registration with the charity commission from Anthony Rasdale, Macneary Rasdale & Co Accountants.

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust said during the event “Fermanagh is at it’s best when it does things collectively. The successful track record of our community associations, our credit unions, our social enterprises etc shows what can be achieved when we work together, but why don’t we do that with energy? Improving the way we engage with energy has the potential to create significant benefits for community and voluntary groups in Co. Fermanagh.”

The event was one of over 80 events being held throughout the UK as part of the Community Energy Fortnight. Now in its second year, the Fortnight runs from 13-28th September and is organised by the Community Energy Coalition, of which Fermanagh Trust is a member. The Coalition is a group of 36 trusted civil society organisations and sustainable energy experts, working together to place communities at the heart of energy and striving for clean, affordable and secure energy for all.



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