Fermanagh and Philanthropy - 'A place apart....'


A celebration of the tradition of giving in Fermanagh is one of the events taking place in this year’s Philanthropy Fortnight.

“Philanthropy in Fermanagh – Celebrating the Past – Looking to the Future” is an invitation only event, organised by the Fermanagh Trust, which takes place at Fermanagh House in Enniskillen on April 25.

Lauri McCusker, Director of the Fermanagh Trust said “Since 1995, the Fermanagh Trust has been a positive catalyst for encouraging philanthropy in the county. Representatives from 21 organisations will come together to explore philanthropy in a rural community, share ideas and discuss the opportunities and challenges going forward.”

Sandara Kelso-Robb, Strategic Advisor to Giving Northern Ireland, says that Philanthropy Fortnight highlights the successes of the charity sector, while exploring new ways of promoting and developing strategic giving.

“Philanthropy Fortnight is all about looking at ways that we can be more strategic, more focuses so we can continue to achieve tangible benefits for society. This year’s programme looks at all aspects of philanthropy and celebrates the massive contribution it makes to disadvantaged communities” she said.

Northern Ireland’s fourth annual festival of charitable giving was launched at Clifton House, the former poor house built in the 18th century by the Belfast Charitable Society.

Its two week series of workshops, seminars and networking events from April 18 to 29, celebrates the generosity, time, commitment and support that thousands of Northern Ireland people give every day to causes close to their heart. A range of organisations are involved including Giving Northern Ireland, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, Fermanagh Trust, Northern Ireland Environment Link, Will to Give, The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, Arts and Business Northern Ireland and Audiences Northern Ireland.


For further information about the Fermanagh event contact Hazel McFarland on hazel@fermanaghtrust.org or phone 028 66 320 210. To access the programme go to www.givingnorthernireland.org



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