YouthBank Fermanagh


Fermanagh YouthBank is a grantmaking committee run by young people for young people.  It is made up of a group of 16 - 25 year olds from the Fermanagh area.  It is a unique project whereby members of the committee work as a team taking all the relevant decisions for themselves.  It is they who set themes, create application procedures and criteria, undertake publicity work, interview other young people, write reports to assist decision making and undertake follow up work to learn from what has or has not worked.
The purpose of YouthBank is to develop leadership opportunities, build capacity among the young grant makers and to create opportunities for grant aided youth led groups to engage in self-help and community action. Enniskillen YouthBank enables young people to take responsibility for making decisions over grants and to be accountable for how money is spent. The members also have the opportunity to complete OCN Level 2 in Grantmaking which is an added bonus and an excellent addition to their CVs.
Fermanagh YouthBank Committee will later in the year enter the process of inviting applications from other young people in the area to fund youth led projects. This funding is open to 11 – 25 year olds who may have a good idea for something that would make things better or more interesting for young people in the area. Requests for funding may range from £50 to £1000. This funding is also available for existing groups/organisations who may need money for things such as equipment, outings, improving the environment etc. The Committee also welcomes applications from schools.
All projects will be considered providing that the applications are submitted by a young person aged 11 to 25, that they are from the Fermanagh area and that the application for funding will benefit young people.
Fermanagh YouthBank is hosted by Fermanagh Trust which has a successful track record of supporting community relations and community development activity across County Fermanagh. Fermanagh Trust is delighted to be hosting and supporting such a unique project which not only provides grants but brings together young people from all sections of the community and also affords them the opportunity to address issues and concerns of direct importance to them.




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